Re: In mast Furler - A simple precaution for the (occasionally) inattentive skipper


Hi all
Here some more info.
The material is 5mm polystyrene (see attached photo), bent using a hot air gun, and drilled/ rectified with the two 14 mm bits below..
Some practical tips :
Drill first before bending. In my first attempt, heating after drilling, the heat completely distorted the holes and I was forced to throw the piece.
Drill at both sides two pilot holes prior to full drilling to avoid fragmenting the edges and keep rpm as low as possible, whilst cooling with water during the operation: as soon as the temp increases, the material immediately melts making your tools unusable.
Heat the sheet uniformly on both sides, otherwise it will immediately crack, especially at the edges.
Heat bending is, at least for me, an awkward process and, if I had to replicate the piece, I would probably opt for a flat piece of polystyrene and four small s/steel legs at the four corners, or, to the same effect two “U” shaped brackets on two opposite sides, perhaps a less stylish solution but much much simpler to make.
Obviously, if the boat is at hand, to produce a template directly on the spot is the obvious choice. Otherwise, as soon as the Covid-19 restrictions of movement currently in force in Italy are lifted, I’ll produce a drawing with all the measurements

Paolo Cuneo
SM #454 Whisper, currently in Genoa

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