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david bruce

Hi Paul, 
 I can unreservedly recommend Cleopatra in Preveza, it s the cleanest, most well organized marina I have seen and have heard same from several world cruisers.  Average prices, not a steal but not outrageous. There are 4-5 Amels within a heaving line throw of us.  Close to airport and there is a daily launch to Preveza town to do shopping and paperwork.  Staff friendly and efficient. 

Best,   Dave 

On Mar 11, 2020, at 3:28 PM, Peter Forbes <ppsforbes@...> wrote:

We stored in Gouvia marina on Corfu - excellent and good Amel familiar German guy there who I can introduce you too if you like.

Peter Forbes
Carango Amel 54#035
07836 209730

On 11 Mar 2020, at 21:58, Paul Brown <feeder.brown@...> wrote:

Dear Amel Owners Group,

I am considering storing my Amel on the hardstand for 8-12 months from August this year and inquiring for any recommendations from the group for value and good service available, preferably Greece or Italy but happy to consider other locations in the MED.

Please reply with any assistant and thank you very much in advance.

Kind regards, Paul - FORTUNA II 55#17

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