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Eric Freedman

I have had great luck with this antenna and wi-fi router.

It has been working great for a few years and is inexpensive.

If you have a problem , when you call you speak to the owner.

Fair Winds


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There are many systems out there to choose from. Costs for the kit start at close to $400.

They consist of a Ubiquity bullet (a radio receiver tuned for 2,4 ghz), a PoE injector (Power over Ethernet), and a wireless router. Of course it includes the requisite cabling. 

The kit parts can be purchased separately, for about $240, but the process of getting things programmed and talking to each other requires an I.T. professional, or software Engineer. (I’ll assume you’re not one, as if you were, you wouldn’t be asking in the first place.)

As I said, there are many kits available, this is but one:

Good luck we have one installed and it works well. We have good bandwidth up to about a kilometer, and workable data, not streaming, but email, web browsing, at up to 2 miles, depending on the strength of the source.


On Mar 14, 2020, at 3:32 PM, martin haméline <marafiki37@...> wrote:

Hola Amelians,


I am looking for current reviews on the best wifi extenders.......


I searched the user site files and couldn't find anything new or relevant.   Objective is to grab shore wifi while at anchor and work remotely with video calls, email etc... I know the quality depend on the source..


Appreciate your experience as I am looking to buy a system now.




Martin hAMELine

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