Re: WiFi Extenders - best 2019-2020

Stefan Schaufert

We also use(d) the Webcatcher (from Silentwind). 
Easy to install, works like a WLAN-Spot for all your devices.
No problems at all.

What we underestimated: 
1. You have often to many masts or other obstacles between you and the source. 
2. The costs for internet 4G etc. are - together with an impressive network coverage - mostly much lower than expected. 
E.g. for the Caribbean Islands - Digicel. One SIM-contract for nearly all Islands.
Thus it is often much more comfortable and more powerful compared to the antenna/ webcatcher and we use it not as often as we thought.

Best regards
AMEL 54 - N°119 - Lady Charlyette, currently Guadeloupe

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