Re: Bow thruster oil seal leak

Giovanni TESTA


This my experience with Eutikia,from 2004, sailing around the world.

When I have the boat on the hard, once a year, I always remove the bow thruster foot.

So I replace the seal and , every 2 years, the 2 outside black neoprene disks, as well.

You may have different seals but always ,sooner or later, you have water inside the box.

Any way,  I never had damages because of it. When I change the oil/water, I leave the tube inverted, up down, for a while to empty it. No problem.

Than I add the new oil , the seal and the 2 new black neoprene disks.

Only a very important suggestion: always clean and than add silicon grease inside the bottom engine body before  inserting the black column. There’s a steel circular clip very fragile ! I broke it before Panama Canale, it was a big mess!

Obviously first follow Bill suggestions.

All the best

Giovanni Test


Il 15/03/2020 18:08, Peter de Groot ha scritto:

Greetings all,
This is the second lip seal I've installed.  (The previous owner left a handy stash of parts on board) The first had a single lip, the second came in a bag with Paulstra brand and part number 792521 IEL 30 42 7.  I'm deducing it came from Amel.  It had two lips, a heavier one inwards to retain the oil and a lighter one outwards nearer the outside surface.
Regardless they both leaked after installing.
The surface of the shaft which is not SS (FRP maybe??) feels rough, and there was only a narrow band where it feels smoother.  
The oil that came out was cloudy green, thick like a milk shake, so I'm thinking water was entering.
The question is what to do.  I'm contemplating 3 choices:
-Purchase a new shaft from Amel, perhaps a new complete bow thruster, as the counterbore to receive the seal also has some chips.
-Find a SS speedi-sleeve to provide a smoother surface, machine existing shaft if necessary.
-Make a new shaft with a local machine shop.  In which case which material?  Acetal perhaps, I'm assuming stainless is a no-go.

I'd appreciate any advice if any of you have experienced the same problem.  

Peter de Groot
SM 207 la Querida
Moss Landing, California.

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