Re: Beam IV : A55 ; Shelter Bay , rudder assembly


Use the Amel-supplied wrench and turn the plastic nut 1/6th of a turn or more until tight. I have been on a 55 that required 1/2 turn, but it is usually 1/6th.

On all but the first 55s, Amel installed a high water alarm for this water-tight box. Be sure that it works and your batteries are fresh. If you do not have a water alarm installed, install one.

I note that your 55 #009 has cable steering from the helm rather than hydraulic steering. Joerg has hydraulic steering from the helm. This is one of the reasons for the differences.


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You need to remove the plate circled in red.  You will then have access to a large plastic nut which can be tightened clockwise in 1/6 revolution increments.  AMEL provides a large custom wrench to turn this nut but you could likely use an adjustable wrench as well.  

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