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I just had two teeth on the gear attached to the horizontal winch-handle shaft break off.   No warning as it has always worked smoothly and easily.  It feels too light-weight to be stainless. Is it aluminum???

Also, the last time I serviced it was probably 5 years ago, and I found it greased when I opened it, so I regreased it.  This time the grease has some water in it, with a little milky color, but all works smoothly and easily.  My question is whether it should have been greased.  I have read that the holes in the bottom are to let water out, and that it should be flushed regularly with fresh water. That sounds like a no-grease sçenario....maybe sailcote or other dry lubricant? I was unable to open Gary's file about servicing it.
What about the main Furler manual gearbox?  It still works and I've never serviced it, but I'm way overdue to do that and now am concerned about the foil shearing after 20 years.  Again, should it be greased, or not?

Will be in Martinique in about 2 weeks.

Thanks in advance for any and all advice.

Kent and Iris

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