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Dan Carlson

I agree that it is about 100-150 liters left in the tank.  
1)I would also suggest that it is a good time to remove the inspection plate on the tank and take a look at the inside of the tank.  You can't see the bottom of the tank very well until you get down to less than 200 liters.
2) when you get down that low the depth of the fuel in the tank is less than the width of the tank and the distance between the baffles. So I think if you get into rough seas you will get a lot of sloshing going in the tank to store up any debris.

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I did, just yesterday. Had about 100L left. However, I’m not sure if these gauges are all calibrated the same.




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i am not in this situation (yet) but still curious. Has anyone ever taken their fuel level down to the beginning of the red area on the gauge and measured actual amount in the tank using the dipstick?

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