SM Fuel Tank Inspection Port Gaskets?

Dan Carlson

Hi all, I posted this question on a previous thread about fuel tank cleaning. And I've not found a good previous discussion of the topic on the forum.

I'm looking for the right material to replace the gaskets on the inspection ports.  Diesel is pretty hard on most gaskets.  I've tried two different "rubber" materials and have not been happy with either of them.  The second one was Nitrile, grade 60A sheet rubber which I cut to fit. It was specifically recommended by the technical guy at Rubber-Cal for being best for deisel resistance, but it has deteriorate after a year or so.
Has anyone found a better product?  If you have replaced your gasket, what product did you use?
How long has it held up?
Thanks and regards, Daniel Carlson on sv BeBe, SM#387

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