Re: Beam IV : A55 # 9 rudder gland access

eric freedman

Hi Stuart,

I do not know how your rudder stock is configured as Kimberlite is a 53.

If is like mine….

The nut on my quadrant is about 60 mm.

If I had a wrench on board that size it would not fit under the quadrant. That is why I made the wrench pictured in Bills post

about this subject. I have attached the photo again and a photo of the rudder quadrant removed.

I made the wrench out of 6 mm ¼ inch aluminum stock. I cut it out with a band saw and finished it with a grinding wheel.

I can tighten the nut at sea without removing anything except for the Stainless steel keeper that prevents the nut from moving.

Fair Winds


Amel Super Maramu #376




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Hello Jorg,


Thank you very much for your reply with photograph.


We have the large Amel spanner but  no inspection plate...


Do we have to remove the quadrant and it’s connections to access the rudder gland ?


My earlier photo shows our set up



Stuart Hemingway 

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