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As I understand, B&G no longer support the Sonic Speed, and neither do A+T Instruments. This being the case, is there a recommended alternative system? I did hear of a combined forward looking sonar / speed, but have no further info. I’ve been using SOG in the Hydra for a couple of years now, but its nice to have the correct info, e.g. to know how much current there is when at anchor before jumping in!



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Amel 54 and Amel 55 owners with B&G H3000 or H5000:

Did you know that if your B&G Sonic Speed fails, there is a user-programmable setting in the H3000 & H5000 processor to use SOG from your GPS instead of SOW from your Sonic Speed Sensors and Processor? And, GPS speed is already wired to the B&G processor.

This will mean that Boat Speed will display on all instruments as SOG. If a current exists, True Wind Angle and True Wind Speed will be slightly off, but since you are not a racer, this minor variance should not bother you.

B&G H2000 and earlier models do not have this feature.

H3000 turn to page 48 in your B&G Manual

H5000 turn to page 53 in your B&G Manual



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