Re: B&G H3000 & B&G H5000 Amel 54 and Amel 55

Joerg Esdorn

Airmar makes sonic speed sensors and one is installed on my A55, most recently replaced in 2018.  I would ask them what the right sensor is - they make sensors that work via NMEA 2000, for example.  

Let me also point out that my A55 came with two speed sensors standard.  One is the sonic speed, installed forward (just behind the front bunk) just off center to port.  The other is a paddlewheel triple sensor which also acts as depth and temperature sensor.  It is installed just off center on starboard a bit further aft.  When my sonic speed sensor was defective a couple of years back, Pochon told me as an interim fix to change the input for boat speed to the triple sensor (it's an Airmar DST 200 on my boat).  This is one of the B&G system settings - easy to do on any one of the displays.  I suspect other A55s also have these two sensors - I hope this helps.

Joerg Esdorn
A55 #53 Kincsem
On the hard in V 

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