Re: B&G H3000 & B&G H5000 Amel 54 and Amel 55

Jamie Wendell

My Amel 54 (#44) came with the sonic speed sensor hooked up to a B&G 2000. It seemed to work OK.
I then replaced the B&G 2000 with the new 5000 unit. The real advantage to all of this was the ability to tie into my NMEA 2000 bus and see STW on all my displays.

I also replaced the original depth (only) transducer with a new airmar/Maretron unit so that I could read the sea temperature and add paddlewheel functionality. That required enlarging the hole and some reconstructive surgery - not a big deal really.

I then contacted B&G to try to understand how I could also use the sonic speed sensors, and they gave me a wiring schematic. Unfortunately, I have never been able to make it work with the B&G 5000. I am not sure if the sensors failed somewhere during the upgrade, or if the schematics are not correct, as it didn't seem to match my installation.

I finally gave up, using now only the paddlewheel, which is a mixed blessing, as any growth on the paddlewheel kills the unit until you clean it - not simple in the water, or on land for that matter.
Has anyone been successful in making the sonic speed work with the new B&G 5000?

A54, Phantom #44

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