Re: Passarelle

Arno Luijten

Paul from Ya Fohi,

Be advised your name-fellow has a Super Maramu. Very different arrangement. I had to remove the Opacmare passerelle on our 54 last year to have it repaired. That took lots of effort and even more money. Most likely the rotary actuator is seized up. It means you cannot disassemble the top part from the base anymore.

What I did is remove the bolts from the base that hold it to the boat. Then I removed the hydraulic hoses which mean you will have to cut them.  The sensor cables can be saved though. 

As the base is glued to the boat with some kind of caulking you will find the passerelle still firmly holding on to the boat.  What I did in the end is tie a rope to the end of the passerelle and tie it to the dock (our boat is moored stern-to). Then using a little slack on the mooring lines, I gave the boat a firm push away from the dock. The weight of the boat resulted in a bing bang an a released passerelle with surpisingly little damage to the gelcoat. Careful, the passerelle is REALLY heavy! Make sure it’s tied to the boat so it does not become an anchor, also limit the slack on the mooring lines. 

You will need 3 or 4 persons to lift the thing off the boat. A new rotary actuator will set you back 5 or 6k$. Mine was seized up solid and beyond repair. And then the rest...

Good luck with the project, if you need more info, let me know. 

Arno Luijten,
SV Luna,

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