Re: Head discharge hose clogged with calcification and vinegar as a solution


Don't know why, but every time I've had a problem with the holding tanks seeping back into the toilet bowel, I've filled the head with a gallon of vinegar and pumped it half through, then waited overnight, and the problem is gone for weeks/months. Haven't had to replace the oneway rubber valve in years.

For what its worth.

Bob, Brittany de la Mer

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I tried the same thing a few tears ago 100% vinegar also nada.

Fair Winds,


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Re: test with vinegar

After I solved the problem with heavy calcification by using the tool shown
in the photo section and described in earlier postings, I decided to conduct
an experiment with vinegar and the calcified deposits.

I took some chunks of the deposits and placed and equal amount in each of 2
jars. One jar was filled with 50:50 salt water and vinegar and the other
with 50:50 drinking water and vinegar.

The reults after 30 days of soaking in the solutions:
Nothing, Nada, Zilch... The vinegar solutions had absolutely no effect.

Possibly the results that some have seen with adding vinegar to the head to
rid calcified deposits is some sort of placebo effect!

Thought you would like to know.


s/v Bebe, SM2, #387
Mackay, Australia

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