Re: Gas springs on the aft Lasarett

Craig Briggs

Hi Paul and Lady Annita,

I have also been toying with adding gas struts to my aft locker because that is where I have my life raft and it is pretty heavy to lift up (more so every year :-)  Some thoughts I have considered are that tail gates on automobiles do open more than 90 degrees, so that should not be a problem. However, you really do not need the hatch to automatically open and close to its full swing. A manual operation where it simply gives an assist on opening would be fine (like the SM cockpit/engine room hatch).  if it opened more than 90 degrees, no problem, you could just start the closing by hand and the piston would provide the dampening to give a soft close.
I haven't engineered a specific solution yet, but it seems totally feasible. Any further thoughts/ideas or specific gas strut recommendations would be welcome.

Cheers, Craig

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