Where to put the life raft

eric freedman

Hi Craig,

Had you thought of putting your life raft in the cockpit port locker?

It is very easy to get out from there. In addition, in horrific conditions, you really don’t want to be at the stern.

Fair Winds


Amel Super Maramu #376




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Hi Paul and Lady Annita,

I have also been toying with adding gas struts to my aft locker because that is where I have my life raft and it is pretty heavy to lift up (more so every year :-)  Some thoughts I have considered are that tail gates on automobiles do open more than 90 degrees, so that should not be a problem. However, you really do not need the hatch to automatically open and close to its full swing. A manual operation where it simply gives an assist on opening would be fine (like the SM cockpit/engine room hatch).  if it opened more than 90 degrees, no problem, you could just start the closing by hand and the piston would provide the dampening to give a soft close.
I haven't engineered a specific solution yet, but it seems totally feasible. Any further thoughts/ideas or specific gas strut recommendations would be welcome.

Cheers, Craig

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