Re: Where to put the life raft

eric freedman

As I mentioned Winslow has at least 5 different hard cases that you can select . What attracted me to that raft was the boarding platform, . If you ever tried to get into a dinghy from the water you will know what I am talking about. In addition how many stories have you heard of a raft flipping and the occupants lost all their supplies. The Winslow has closable pockets.


With respect to a ditch bag. You should have one that floats. Mine will float with 40 pounds  of gear.

It has a waterproof zipper. I attached a strong lanyard and a snap shackle to it. It has my water maker, Epirb,

GPs, VHF, Emergency rations and many aerial flares. My second ditch bag has many more things including a board to cut fish on.

Fair Winds


Amel Super Maramu #376



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Right you are, Eric, the WInslow would be a super choice and I was close to buying that. It's an exceptionally designed life raft.  As I recall the soft pack would fit nicely in my SN port cockpit lazarette locker, along with a proper ditch kit.
I've got a DBC hard pack that's a monster. 
Cheers, Craig

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