Re: Cleaning the worst parts of an Amel

Arlo Bess

Well I wanted to test the bonding for my keel bolt this weekend, so I finally did the dreded annual bilge cleaning. Since we previously had a grease based stuffing box, needless to say it was a messy job. So glad we upgraded to a dripless system. (We have a Mango). I did find a host of stuff in the bilge when I used the shop vac, including a flashlight from the previous owner, several caps from oil and antifreeze containers, and assorted screws, zip ties, and a few hand tools....oh and about 1 inche of thick greasy muck. But the bilge is now clean and I am happy to say that the bonding to the keel bolt tested perfect. I also installed a galvanic isolator since I am at the dock.  By the way cleaning the bilge really does rank up there as the top job I dislike.....but glad its done. :)

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