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eric freedman

Hi Gary,

That is a nice place to store a life raft. However if you have even had your total boat under water, As I have, you will probably lose the raft. That’s why I keep mine in the port locker.


I recall many waves submerging the boat to a point where I had to hold my breath in the cockpit till the water subsided. The first thing I then saw were just the 2 masts sticking out of the water and no boat visible, that was really a cool sight..

FYI, it takes about 20-30 seconds for the cockpit to drain.


No water down below,  nothing was flying around and no cabinets opened. That lasted for 36 hours.

Thank You Captain Henry !!!


Fair Winds


Amel Super Maramu #376



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So, this might sound a bit unconventional but I keep my hard cased Winslow below decks in the wet locker next to the nav station ... except when actually sailing.
The hard case is a bit cumbersome weighing in at 69 lbs but even though it's hard plastic, the sticker says "do no store outside". 
It's six years old and still in great shape except for some UV damage to the nylon tether cover.

When we are sailing, and this came about because of the ARC's "15 seconds to the rail" rule, I set it on the port side of the aft deck.  It fits perfectly between the cabin top cleat and the grab rail.  I do use a soft rubber "grate" (maybe it's a former dish-drying rack) underneath to prevent scratching the deck and also let water flow beneath it.
It's held in place with a ratchet tie down from the cleat, over the top and back down to the rail and then "x" it back.  The aft mizzen shroud is involved to stabilize it. and the tether is connected to the cleat.

The setup works fine and to get the raft in the water is a single cut through the strap then toss it in over the railing (I guess if you had time  you could just undo the ratchet straps :))

I've never taken a dedicated picture of the setup, but I sure will when we get going next month. 


Important for me is that it is ~readily~ available; no hoisting, opening lockers or struggle.  Secondarily, it is temporary .. only when we are actively cruising... I even have a canvas cover for it when we are at anchor so the sun won't bake it any more than necessary. 

Just an option.

Oh, and +1 on the Winslow.  I was present when they serviced mine and got to watch it inflate and then I poked around into all the pockets and did a 'test grab' of some of the boarding lines.  I'm glad I chose it.  The 6 person looks just right, and roomy .. for the two of us :)

Cheers :)

Gary W. 
SM 209, Adagio
Georgia, USA

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