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Courtney Gorman

We we’re headed to Saint Martin when all of this started we left Martinique on Sunday the 15th and then sale up to Dominica the situation there was that we were going to have to self quarantine to go on the island so the next day we sailed to Isle de Saints.  We grabbed a mooring ball and before we had finished tying off our mooring lines local officials came to the boat and told us we had to leave at that point we were supposed to drop our kids off in Antica the upcoming Saturday and then spend the next week heading to Saint Martin so glad we made the decision just to sell straight to Saint Thomas or the kids were able to fly home on Saturday ( new flights were less than the refunds for the Antigua tix)
Cindy and I decided it was best to bring Trippin back to the states.  So we spent the next 9 days sailing to Brunswick with one overnight in the Ragged Islands 
Quite an unexpected and unplanned 1800 mile journey.  I write this while taking the 1000 miles back to home which will take hours not days 
Cheers 🥂 to all of you stay safe 
Brunswick GA

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I was planning on flying down to Kimberlite which is in St Maarten last Tuesday. Unfortunately the island was closed as of last Monday.
Since Pantaenius is not renewing any policies, I need an out of water survey. It looks like I won’t be able to get to St Marten till June, my policy expires June 10. I spoke to my friends on the island and even my friend ,chief inspector of police, said there was nothing he could do for me.


Please read what happened to my friend Hank Schmitt he Owns OPO which finds crew for boat owners at no cost to the owners. Please read the link when he attempted to land on St Maarten—also read his additional

Comments at the end –

The “Friendly Island”  B.S.

Please pass it on.

Fair Winds


Amel Super Maramu #376




Dear OPO Members and Fellow Sailors,

These are trying times, especially when you are denied entry into you winter home port of refuge. For pictures and full story can be found at:

WaveTrain: https://wavetrain.net/2020/03/29/evicted-from-sxm-virus-tales-from-the-caribbean/

This is Charlie Doane’s Blog and safe to open. It will also be included in the April 1st “OPO Notice to Mariners” along with other news which you will get if you are an OPO member.


And stay safe!

Hank Schmitt


What I left out in my article is that I watched the Mega Yacht “Seven Sins” make the bridge the day after I arrived and was at anchor refused entry.  So they can break the rules for some boats, but not others. Please pass this on to your friend. They can make exceptions for those who have money, but not for friends like me. The boat had several guests and more crew aboard and came from St. Bart’s, one of the infected islands.  I made sure I did not stop in a French island, but that did not matter after all, did it?. I tell the people from SXM who have responded with the same reply, “Don’t make excuses for your badly trained and surly customs agents.”  The locals never have to deal with them and we know better. So don’t buy that cr*p about they are just following the rules. Bull*hit!


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