locked Re: Barred from St Maarten

Eric Freedman

Good afternoon Alexandre,

Thank You for keeping an eye on Kimberlite !!


I completely understand the logic about not letting anyone on to the island. However Hank offered to self quarantine outside the bridge for 14 days.


Secondly did you notice this in his email? I cannot understand why this anomaly happened – I guess money talks.


What I left out in my article is that I watched the Mega Yacht “Seven Sins” make the bridge the day after I arrived and was at anchor refused entry.  So they can break the rules for some boats, but not others. Please pass this on to your friend. They can make exceptions for those who have money, but not for friends like me. The boat had several guests and more crew aboard and came from St. Bart’s, one of the infected islands.  I made sure I did not stop in a French island, but that did not matter after all, did it?. I tell the people from SXM who have responded with the same reply, “Don’t make excuses for your badly trained and surly customs agents.”  The locals never have to deal with them and we know better. So don’t buy that cr*p about they are just following the rules. Bull*hit!


My town on Long Island, Huntington, is the epicenter of the virus on Long Island with more than 1000 cases.

New York state had almost 2000 deaths yesterday. We are all aware of the hazards of the virus. The projection for the USA and the peak of the deaths in the USA will occur about April 14 with about 2500 deaths that day. It just annoyed me that they let the big yacht in and did not allow Hank to stay at anchor for 14 days.


Please stay safe and say hello to my friends on the island.


I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

Fair Winds





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