Does anybody have a source for the Dirupter 60 Amp breaker?

Karen Smith

Does anybody have a source they can share?


We are working on an Amel 54 and have found the Diruptor 60 AMP breaker for the staysail furler has failed.  Getting Diruptor breakers in the USA is always a challenge, but between this larger size breaker and the general disruptions right now I am coming up totally blank.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  This is a Diruptor “Yellow Series Breaker”, also called the “7500 series”  Single pole, 60 Amp.

In the past, we have gotten Diruptor brand breakers from Plastimo distributors, but they do not stock sizes larger than 32 amps.

Karen & Bill 
s/v Harmonie
Fort Lauderdale, US

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