Bow Thruster Siezed

Ellen Cahill

Hi everyone! 

I was hoping somebody could help with a particularly troublesome bow thruster. We bought out Mango 3 years ago and we have been doing short sails while slowly refurbishing her. 

We have a number of times attempted to remove the bow thruster foot assembly to no avail. This past winter it started leaking so now it has to be removed to replace the seals. I've no idea if the previous owner had ever removed it.

We have removed the 4 bolts but the shaft is jammed in the rust encrusted top motor assembly. We have since
- applied vibration with a sander
- sprayed penetrative oil in the 4 holes (every day for a week)
- tapped with a hammer
- dropped it about 10 times
- put a stick between the bottom v section and the hull while jacking up the motor assembly from the inside. Slowly applying more press and oil over a week.

It hasn't moved at all. The leak is unacceptable so we are now considering cutting the shaft or motor holder. Really not ideal. 

Anyone have suggestions of what to try next? 
What is the black shaft made from?  What's inside the composite shaft?
Can you buy this foot assembly from Amel? Idea on cost?

 Thanks for any help! 

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