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Eric Freedman


When you eventually get the thruster apart,. I would suggest you take the motor to a rebuild shop. . There is an open roller bearing at the bottom of the motor where the tube enters the motor. I would bet you that that bearing is also terribly rusted and needs replacing. I would have the motor gone over while you have it out.


About every 8 months I drop the bow thruster enough to grease the spline on the bow thruster and put a bunch of grease up into the receptacle for the spline.

18 years and it drops out like a cannon ball.


In addition you can replace the lip seal and donuts that are inside the boat if it looks like it need it.


Fair Winds


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Hi Ellen,
In addition to what you're doing and Bill Rouse's suggestions (sans Amel tool) I was finally successful by using a chain wrench around the motor flange along with a 2' extension pipe for added leverage. I would torque it in one direction and apply as much force as I thought it would take. Then I'd reverse it and twist the opposite direction. After several repetitions it finally budged just a fraction. After more back and forth repetitions and it came free. I used that technique on mine and also another Santorin - worked very well.
Good luck with it!  Craig

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