Re: Windlass/Genoa Furler electrical problem, circuit breaker bad?

Davi Rozgonyi

Hey all, so thanks to Bill's advice to remove the whole panel via the knob (which I really should have noticed but there were clothes packed into the second-most forward cubby), I yanked it and replaced the breaker. Great success! :D Everything works. 

One surprise to me: I measured the breaker having 12 volts running through it. Is this normal? I would have thought it would be 24, like the rest of the system.... The windlass/furler work fine, just wondering.... shouldn't that hefty 100a breaker be on the 24volt circuit? Or is that only covering the solenoids or something? Or did I miss something simple? 

Sorry for the dumb@ss question.... my field of expertise (VWs) only had one voltage :D 

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