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Doug Smith


I am 6’6”, so I guess that equals about 1,95m.  And I was equally concerned about this.  The areas you mention are not a concern.  The boom is not really a factor in the cockpit on the 54.  The salon, galley and aft cabin are plentiful in the headroom.  The areas I was most concerned with as well were the aft bed, and shower space.  On my 54, I can stand in the shower and take a shower without crouching, and I can almost lay fully stretched out on the aft berth.  Similar sizing to most hotel beds, that are considered a queen or full size.

Additionally, the area I was most impressed by was the two starboard side chairs in the main settee area of the cabin.  I haven’t found a more comfortable spot to relax on the inside of the boat.  The chairs fit a longer frame and there are support areas to place your legs both underway and bouncing around on passage, as well as when at anchorage. 

The engine room has abundant room even for guys our height, but the area where the watermaker and inverters are, might need a smaller frame to get back and work on those areas.


Doug Smith

S/V Aventura, Amel 54-113

Currently Gibraltar, Queensway Quay Marina


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Hi Amel owners,

I'm in the early phase of buying a boat on which my wife and I will spend up to 5 years, maybe more. Due to my body height of 2,02 metres (6"8), I have some special requirements towards boat size. Minimum headroom is 2m The Maramu, Super Maramu and the Amel 54 are on our radar because of their overall bluewater qualities but we never had the chance getting onboard of one of the older models. To be shortlisted, a boat must have at least 2 metres of headroom in the galley and in the salon.

So I would like to ask you as proud owners: What is the actual headroom

  • in the galley,
  • the salon,
  • the aft cabin and
  • in the cockpit under the boom?

Would be great to get some figures for my further evaluation. And please, save your time and avoid sentences like "I'm 1,90m and don't have a problem". Believe, me, being >2m is a complete different story - even at home ;-)

Thanks in advance for your help.


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