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Colin - ex SV Island Pearl

Hi Oliver

At 6Ft 4, I am 1.94m not as tall as you, but even so, still found all Amel bunks just marginally too short (at 2.0m in length each) for good night sleep. Our solution was to convert the rear cabin bed to turn sideways (as noted by another member in this thread) which provides a wonderful HUGE Super King size bed, just as comfortable as our King bed at home! We had a custom made innerspring mattress & Latex top made for that bed which was great, and also provided the benefit of being able to sleep in either direction depending on what tack you were sailing. Although you are left a downside of less cabin floor space, we found this a small price to pay, and still rate this is one of the most necessary adjustments we made on Island Pearl II. The inner sprung mattress was zipped into 3 sections to still provide easy access to the rudder stock under in an emergency.

Also, another suggestion for you is regarding the walkthrough area "hot-bed" above the battery compartment. Here we cut a section out of the end timber panel (at bed top height) between the bunk and the adjoining clothing cupboard and placed a removable cushion at bed height in the lower section of the cupboard, and this cavity was nicely finished off with matching timber edging so it looked like a factory alteration, and nobody ever noticed it. This other small necessary alteration to the Amel made it possible for me to sleep on the hotbed too during ocean crossing passages, with my feet through into the wardrobe, which provided peace of mind when crossing oceans alone with my wife as she could easily alert and communicate with me through the little window to the cockpit.

With these two changes, as well as memory foam toppers custom fitted to all bunks, the Amel SM becomes the perfect "tall persons'" long term ocean cruising yacht!

Best regards

Colin Streeter
previous "Island Pearl II" owner #332
Brisbane, Australia


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Hi Oliver,

Where are you located?

Fair Winds


Amel Super Maramu #376



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Hi Amel owners,

I'm in the early phase of buying a boat on which my wife and I will spend up to 5 years, maybe more. Due to my body height of 2,02 metres (6"8), I have some special requirements towards boat size. Minimum headroom is 2m The Maramu, Super Maramu and the Amel 54 are on our radar because of their overall bluewater qualities but we never had the chance getting onboard of one of the older models. To be shortlisted, a boat must have at least 2 metres of headroom in the galley and in the salon.

So I would like to ask you as proud owners: What is the actual headroom

  • in the galley,
  • the salon,
  • the aft cabin and
  • in the cockpit under the boom?

Would be great to get some figures for my further evaluation. And please, save your time and avoid sentences like "I'm 1,90m and don't have a problem". Believe, me, being >2m is a complete different story - even at home ;-)

Thanks in advance for your help.


Colin Streeter
0411 016 445

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