Re: Parts or replacements for Antal 120x18 genoa sheet blocks

Matt Salatino

Garhauer’s customer service has been continuously excellent over many years.


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I have used Garhauer blocks, vangs, and other products  on my boats for over 25 years. They are bulletproof, extremely well made, extraordinarily strong and have a 10 year unconditional guarantee. In addition they are ½ the price of almost all name brand blocks, and are made in the USA . The stainless in not made in China.


I carry a complete set of replacement Garhauer blocks for every block on Kimberlire.

Fair Winds


Amel Super Maramu #376




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Hi Ryan,

I recently replaced my genoa blocks with new Antal blocks supplied by Euro Marine. The blocks that came with our boats are now out of production. I'm attaching a picture of the blocks I purchased for $350 each. They attach with webbing or dynema, and I actually like them more than the originals. If you are interested in these, contact Siebe Noordzy at Euro Marine . He is knowledgeable, and will help you to find something that will work.


Steve Davis
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