Re: Bow Thruster Siezed

Ken Powers SV Aquarius <ken@...>


This video shows my rebuild of the bow thruster.  If you can't get the lower unit to disengage using all the tricks from other Amel Owners, you can do this for a last resort.....

Here is a link to my video.

If you boat is out of the water you may be able to do the following...  If in the water you can do this under water in scuba gear, will be difficult but doable..

1. Drop the bow thruster
2. Remove prop
3. Remove the hard filler covering 4 screws - at 6:05 minutes
4. Remove 4 screws holding back plate in place.  at 6:15 minutes
5. Remove the main gear and shaft.  at 6:44 minutes
6. Remove the bolt at the bottom of the shaft holding the small gear in place. 6:59 minutes (make sure you have something holding up the tube until you are ready to drop it)
7. The lower unit should now come down without the shaft.  (don't drop any of the parts if you are under water.)
8. Now with the shaft visible, and hopefully you will have an easier time getting it loose from the motor.

This may or may not work.  But, I think it will.

Hope you don't have go down this path, but it might be your last option.

Ken Powers
Aquarius SM2K #262
Currently stuck in Thailand

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