Re: Headroom

Oliver Biederbeck

Hi Davi, Doug, Stefan, Eric, Colin,

you are awesome! Thanks a lot for your effort and quick and helpful answers. I should definitely add "community support" to my shortlisting criteria :-) But even without it, you helped ranking up the Amels for me.

@Davi, Stefan: Thanks for taking measures!
@Doug: Very helpful insights! And yes, the corridor and the engine room might need some special "Tall Men Yoga Skills". Have worked on it for decades now.
@Davi, Colin: Great tweaks for the aft cabin bed and the "hot-bed" extension!
@Eric: I'm located in Cologne, Germany. My personal home port is Emden at the North Sea. Main sailing regions are the Dutch North Sea and the Mediterranean - Greece Aegean Sea is planned for this summer (yes, I'm a charter sailor - lucky friend of a charter company owner ;-)

Thank you so much again. Hope that Corona does not cause too much trouble to you, especially if you are trapped at remote places. Stay healthy and enjoy life on your Amels!

Fair winds

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