Re: Headroom

Davi Rozgonyi

Hey Oliver, no sweat. It's a bit more than a tweak, but you'll never get a bed as nice in any other boat, esp for a very tall person. If you do end up getting an Amel, I'll tear the cabin down and take pics and measures of everything if you need them. 

Another 'tweak' worth doing IMHO is converting the saloon table to a drop down bed on pneumatic legs. It breaks the heart to take out that beautiful table leg/wine holder, but if you do, you gain another king size bed to watch movies on (we have a 40 inch TV mounted opposite) or, as I like to do on passage, flop out on instead of the corridor bunk, a bed which would also be more than perfect for someone of your height. So nice we never raise it anymore (we take most meals in the cockpit anyway), and you don't even lose an inch of bilge space underneath. That and the bed are the best two mods for us for sure.... 

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