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Eric Freedman

We were in hurricane force conditions October 28 and 29 North West of
Bermuda and the stream. Force 12 winds, seas 50-60 feet. I saw a ship on Ais
2 miles away. I called them up and they did not see me.

AIS is the thing to have.

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Yes read all of that before BUT this was conducted in laboratory conditions.
Shame they could not have got hold of a real ship and a few boats/yachts and
gone out into mid channel and did some real life tests - i think the SeaMe
would have still won but wonder what sort of performance the passive
reflectors would have achieved. I know of some real life tests where one of
the popular can reflectors they tested (you have a choice of two make a
guess) was totally useless - did not enhance the targets radar signature at
all :-(

I guess a SeaMe and an AIS transducer is now the best way of being seen by
the BIG Boys if you sail in or transit busy shipping waters. Dont suppose
this stops a submarine hitting you or surfacing under your boat.....and
before you say unlikely we had one boat over here get hit by the periscope
of a submerged submarine and there was a fairly large Japanese survey boat
got sunk by a submarine doing i think a emergency surfacing drill.



2009/6/5 kimberlite <kimberlite@optonlin <>>


I came across this analysis of radar reflectors.

Looks like the see me unit out performs them all.

Glad I have one. Thanks Ian.

http://www.ybw. <>

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Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite

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