Hello sailing mates!

Diego de Miguel (Sailing Living Lab) Amel Sharki

Hello sailing mates!
I bought an Amel Sharki (nº 58 - 1982) recently.
At present I am workring into the boat set up... A lot of work to do! :-)
I am using this boat as my home and also for my project: www.sailinglivinglab.com  I am also working into this web site update. so at present you will see the boat I used before: SIGMA 38 OOD there.
I am sure than an Amel is more suitable for my project than a racing boat. I cooperate with: Tech based SMEs, Research Centers ans Universities for testing their new tech into my boat. 
We help them in communications and commercial tasks, in order to put new tech products into the market. For example SolarFace technology by Tecnalia. This tech is besed into the integration of solar cells into composite materials https://www.tecnalia.com/images/stories/energia-medioAmbiente/Downloads/SOL-EN-SOLARFACE.pdf . Thus we could manuzacture a lot of parts for our Amels with tis tech. You can see both boats and this tech in ths video (spanish) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjfIyEgAz_c&t=323s

I have not found the Sharki´s owners manual in my boat. I asked to Amel directly but they have not reply to my e-mail. Could someone help me please?
I need also information about the propeller of this boat because one of my partners is going to manufacture a prototype made with Titanium por an R&D project (cathodic proteccion with impressed current)

Thank you very much for your attention to his e-mail and for allowing me to participare in this forum.

All the best,

Diego de Miguel

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