Location of the battery bank on an older Super Maramu

Mark Barter

On our 1993 Super Maramu I have been trying to work out what the previous owner did regarding altering the location of the battery bank. He made many modifications and I am not always sure why he made them.

At present there are 4 batteries under the passage berth. 3 of them are in a box and there is another one underneath which is accessible by removing the forward drawer under the berth. In addition the previous owner fitted an additional battery box in the wet locker with 2 batteries in it. So we have 6 house batteries. 

In the engine compartment there is a box which just has the engine starter battery in it. It looks as if it previously also had maybe 4 house batteries in it. The battery leads are still there. I can't be sure how many batteries this box would fit because I am not anywhere near the boat.

When we can eventually get back to the boat one of the jobs I would like to do is to change over to lithium.  In order to do so I will need space for 8 batteries. I would also like to utilise the wet locker for a washing machine.

Has anyone fitted 8 batteries to this model of Amel and, if so, where did you put them?

Mark & Nicky Barter
S/V Nunky
SM 110

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