Re: Hurricane advice Mexico - Yucatan - Cozumel/Cancun #stove

Matt Salatino

The only really safe hurricane hole is the Rio Dulce, Guatemala. No hurricanes go there. Very big cruiser community. Represented by all countries, French, German, U.K., US, Canada, and more.
But they are in lockdown, at least for another week. Join the Rio Dulce Cruiser’s Facebook page for updates. If you’re stuck in Mexico, your safest bet is in the Lagoon of Isla Mujeres. Isla’s more open anchorage is a cruiser hangout, also.


On Apr 13, 2020, at 7:49 PM, Alan Ogilvie via <alanogilvie@...> wrote:

Hi, we have a Mango and just came transatlantic this winter and were refused entry in Dominican Republic and Jamaica on way to Mexico due to the virus beong just behind us. The people in Cayman Islands were incredibly supportive and helped out reprovision.
We were not planning to but looks like will probably be stuck in Yucatan near cozumel/cancun area through hurricane season.
Does anyone know of any good marinas/yards with keel holes etc for hurricane planning? 
Any suggestions greatly valued. Also any suggestions re insurance as we are Dutch flagged and will need to leave our company if staying!

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