Re: Location of the battery bank on an older Super Maramu

John Clark

Agree with all previous posters.  Annie, SM37 has the house batteries, six of them under the passage bunk.  They are arranged in two groups of three with the disconnect in the cabinet in the middle.    Not sure who did the modification or if it was from the factory.  The workmanship looks good, like original.    The engine battery is located in the box at the base of the fwd engine room bulkhead.  Yes it looks like more batteries can fit there however that space is now the reserve lube oil and coolant storage...along with some engine maintenance items.  There is a second power disconnect above the box that kills 24&12 volt power...seems to me that would indicate the batteries were relocated after leaving the factory.  I am running all AGMs, they are about eight years old and still hanging in there.  I have and recommend 650w of solar panels on an arch and the original hydrogenerator on the shaft.  When sailing above 5 kts I never need genset, at anchor maybe every few days....with two people.  Right now with just me and the dog onboard, two refrigerators on at anchor solar tops off batteries by 4pm in the USVI.  

John Clark
Annie SM 37
Water Island USVI

On Mon, Apr 13, 2020, 3:54 AM Davi Rozgonyi <davi.rozgonyi@...> wrote:
Hey there, our 1991 SM#56 has a lot of later SM2000 features/upgrades as far as I can tell. One of them from the sounds of it is the battery setup. Under the passage bed fits perfectly: 8 house batteries, the starter battery, and solar and wind controller. That is what I would do, I can't imagine anything else for it. Here some pics, but I couldn't really open the top very high due to supplies being stored there atm... 

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