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Giovanni TESTA

Hi Bill,
thanks so much for info " Head service"
Please I need some more info to be ready to the job when I'll be again on board.
Now I'm at home , Venezia, and Eutikia, SM2K n 428, in Venezuela.
- wich is the diameter of the wire you used ?
- wich the length of the 2 hoses of 25 mm and 38 mm I have to replace?
I wish to have all in my suitcase.
All the best and..buon vento.
Giovanni Testa

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We did not know we had a problem with calcified deposits in the Aft head discharge line until it clogged completely.

The first indication that the hoses were calcified happened when I pulled on the 25mm hose and heard a cracking.

I removed the 25mm hose from the back of the toilet and pulled it through the lower shelf area. I loosened the hose clamp on the 38mm hose and removed it from the bronze pipe at the base of the holding tank. Both hoses were completely calcified. I replaced the hoses and thought it was repaired. I reconnected everything, but it was still clogged with absolutely no discharge flow. I found the bronze pipe completely calcified.

This is a real problem to remedy because cleaning the bronze pipe will get the wool-lined storage area filthy. I had a shop vac nearby and started with my first cleaning tool which was a piece of 1" stainless tube that I cut teeth into one end and plugged the other end with a cork. This was a tough job and required lots of muscle power, but the tool worked and I cleared about 1 foot of the bronze pipe. Unfortunately my "tube-tool" was not long enough so I made my second tool out of a 2 foot length of stainless rigging wire. I crimped a small tube on one end leaving about 1 ½" of wire which I spread apart. On the other end I connected my electric drill. In a few minutes the job was complete. I shampooed the wool lining and put everything back great. I am surprised at how much better it works than before.

I created a photo album titled "Head Service." You should be able to link to my photo of my tools described above at

Click on "Large" for the best view.


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