Self- Steering Wind Vanes

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Has anyone installed a self-steering wind vane on an AMEL?

We are rebuilding a Mango (Annie M, Hull #1) and installing a Simrad RMD 300 with an AP 16 to replace the Neco system.

We would also like a secondary auto pilot but the aft end configuration of the Mango makes it somewhat difficult to install a hydraulic or linear drive system.

In addition, we would like to have a backup system that did not require electrical (or hydraulic) power.

By the way, we have had a new, one-piece, steering post quadrant designed and fabricated to replace the clamp-on fixture. We have the design in CAD format which allowed us to have the part water jet machined. Our cost was expensive (about $400) but it works great. Please let me know if you would like our CAD file and pictures (gratis).


John and Annie
Annie M
Mango #1

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