[Amel] Re:Head discharge hose clogged with calcification-lengths of the hose,etc

svbebe <yahoogroups@...>


Rigging wire was 5mm and should be about 0.6 - 0.7 meter.

I do not have the exact lengths of the hose, but for 2 heads the following will be more than enough for you:
0.6 meters of 38mm
2.5 meters of 25mm
One of the heads had a slightly different length of 25mm. You will also want to replace the 38mm to 25mm connection between the hoses and probably want to replace the "duck bill" one-way valve that is located where the 25mm connects to the back of the macerator pump. I also replaced the hose clamps.


s/v BeBe, SM2 #387
Mackay, Australia


- which is the diameter of the wire you used ?
- which the length of the 2 hoses of 25 mm and 38 mm I have to replace?

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