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We have a Monitor Windvane on our Mango & it fits nicely on the transom. I still run the Neco system as I have so many spare parts for it but, would prefer the self steering on long runs.

Does your new quadrant still allow for the emergency tiller?

Redundant systems are great and having an AP behind the wheel, another on the quadrant plus a windvane sounds like triple protection from manning the wheel!

Bob & Robin
Ces't La Vie
Mango #31

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Has anyone installed a self-steering wind vane on an AMEL?

We are rebuilding a Mango (Annie M, Hull #1) and installing a Simrad RMD 300 with an AP 16 to replace the Neco system.

We would also like a secondary auto pilot but the aft end configuration of the Mango makes it somewhat difficult to install a hydraulic or linear drive system.

In addition, we would like to have a backup system that did not require electrical (or hydraulic) power.

By the way, we have had a new, one-piece, steering post quadrant designed and fabricated to replace the clamp-on fixture. We have the design in CAD format which allowed us to have the part water jet machined. Our cost was expensive (about $400) but it works great. Please let me know if you would like our CAD file and pictures (gratis).


John and Annie
Annie M
Mango #1

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