Re: Excessive usage of water maker membranes

Ken Powers SV Aquarius

Hello Mark,

On Aquarius, we also have this problem with our 24V D60.  We continually see an increase in the ppm each year.  I have a few questions so we might flush this out...

1) Do you have a pre-pump that feeds your high pressure pump?
2) For those that have a pre-pump, do you see this problem?

I am starting to get the feeling that cavitation do to air in the system is causing the problem on Aquarius.  We only have a single sea water intake, stock Amel, and we do make water while motor sailing, and this could cause air to get into the water-maker system.  With the air in the system I am led to believe this is like a jack hammer on the membranes causing micro tears to form.  Overtime, the holes get bigger, and whaalaa 1000 ppm.

I don't have the pre-pump on Aquarius, but I am planing to add the pump when I install new membranes in about 6 months. 

Does anyone have any thoughts about this?

Aboard Aquarius Locked Down in Phuket

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