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Mohammad Shirloo

Hi Bill;

Counts us in. The timing is fine for us. Topics  2,4,7.  Fun to talk boats when so far away. Thanks for setting this up.

Mohammad and Aty
B&B Kokomo 
A54 #099

On Apr 19, 2020, at 3:59 PM, CW Bill Rouse via <brouse@...> wrote:

A new poll has been created:

We would like to ask you which Topics you prefer to be discussed during the ZOOM meeting and if you are OK with the Tentative Schedule.

The following is the Tentative Schedule for the ZOOM meeting. By selecting GMT at 2000 hours, we can include members worldwide.:

Country GMT +/- Sched Time Sched Date
UK (GMT) 0 2000 4/25/2020
NZ 1200 800 4/26/2020
AU Queensland 1000 600 4/26/2020
Tahiti -1000 1000 4/25/2020
USA West -700 1300 4/25/2020
USA East -400 1600 4/25/2020
USA Central -600 1400 4/25/2020
Martinique -400 1600 4/25/2020
Germany 200 2200 4/25/2020
Central EU Summer Time 200 2200 4/25/2020

You can select multiple answers.

We plan a 30-minute ZOOM meeting with 15 minutes to discuss each of 2 Topics. We currently have 35 members that have expressed the wish to participate. I have a list of those members and will send an email to you today.

1. I am OK with the Tentative Schedule
2. Sourcing parts
3. SM & SN furler maintenance (Genoa & Main)
4. Hard Dodger plexiglass replacement
5. Galley Upgrades
6. Standing Rigging
7. Navigation Equipment Upgrades from B&G Hydra and B&G 3000

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