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I'll look at that again, Richard, but the joker valve points up into the hose, right?  Not sure how the elbow into the bowl would affect that?  I'm not on the boat now, but will check again when I get back to her.
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Subject: [Amel] Re:Head discharge hose clogged with calcification and vinegar as a solution
Date: Tuesday, June 9, 2009, 8:08 PM

HI, When you changed the joker valve did you clean out the 90 deg. elbow of salt? The build up of salt/cake in the elbow will not allow the joker valve to close tight. We use baby oil to keep the hose clear and we us silicon grease on the ID of the elbow for easy cleaning later.. It works for a while but the salt always builds up over time. So every 18 months or so we change the hose. We keep two meters of 1.5 inch hose as a spare all the time... We also ask guess to put their used paper in the trash pale.. if you don't eat it fisrt it does not go in the head.. we buy brown paper lunch bags as trash can liners..
Fairwinds to all. We are now in Annapolis.
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I had the same problem of backflow into the bowl, replaced the hoses and joker valve but still had backflow into the bowl. I added a valve to the line and shut it off whenever I leave the boat. Interestingly it fills the bowl but never overflows the bowl when the boat's not rocking...I guess there's just enough in the hose to fill the bowl. Seems like the leak has finally quit and I'm not sure I need the valve any more, but I'm still going to close it off when I'm gone.

A marine head service guy told me that vinegar and oil was good for preventative maintenance, but not for clearing out clogged lines. He said some people use muriatic acid. Has anyone done that? Any luck?
SM243 "Kristy"

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