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Hi, I echo the call to be careful when dismissing the equipment Amel has installed.

while everyone has their own experiences of a variety of Amel systems and equipment it must always be remembered that few of us are perfect, I certainly am not and our poor experience could be operator error. I have had many of those myself over the years. The water-maker is an item that we pull apart and reassemble ourselves. There are multiple chances of error. eg the 0 rings used, the 0 ring installation, the tension on the through bolts, too tight too loose, uneven. poor installation of the pipe work. over tightened, under tightened wrong flushing technique, wrong chemicals used, chemicals use in the wrong way, in my experience any chemical is unnecessary. The list of possibilities is almost endless. Even installation of the membranes the wrong way round. When we got our SM in 2008 I was terrified of the water-maker.

I took advice from the wise heads on the forum and found it quite simple and am no longer frightened of it but still approach it with caution because there are many chances of error.. However many other people on other forums have created an almost mystical aura on the subject. 

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On 22 April 2020 at 10:58 hanspeter baettig <hanspeter.baettig@...> wrote:

I think it‘s unfair to broadcast such negative things about Desal, . Amel is still installing Desal Watermakers and I had very good experiances with SAV Dessalator. Mr Wagner jun. and his team is helpful and have a amazing knowledge about H2O makers.
So pls. we know us , be specific what was your problem with SAV. Maybe I can help you, cause I have a very good contact with Wagner
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Am Montag, 20. Apr, 2020 um 20:55, Germain Jean-Pierre schrieb:

Hi Bill,

Thanks.  I also took the entire holder to the shop… to verify the interior measurements.  I suspect the new ones will be made to a closer tolerance.

Dessalator after sales service has been non existent. 


Jean-Pierre Germain

On 21 Apr 2020, at 06:51, CW Bill Rouse < brouse@...> wrote:

FYI, Dessalator originally made the membrane tube end caps out of white nylon. Emek copied Dessalator. Dessalator's choice of Nylon proved to be the wrong choice. Dessalator later made end caps from a harder material which was black. I am not sure of what the black material is, but, in my experience is that there have been very few issues with the Dessalator black end caps.
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