Re: Membrane Tube end caps

Arno Luijten

Hi Danny,

I fully agree we should not dismiss the choices Amel made too easy. I think the choice Amel made with the Desalator watermaker was excellent. But like with everything in life it was also a compromise between pro's and con's.
Reality is that companies that make watermakers are up to some extent just assembling stuff that is in the market anyway. So the membranes are from DuPont, the HP pump is from Cat, etc, etc.
But fact remains there are some valid points of criticism to be expressed for the Desalator product. That does not imply that Amel is to blame. It just means that Desalator has room for improving the product.
Until now I did not find a cruiser perfectly happy with his or hers watermaker. These things are extremely sensitive to bad treatment and treating them well can be a drag after so much time.
From my point of view there are a few things Desalator could improve with very little cost. I appreciate they don't change the product every two years and forget about spareparts for the installed base, like many companies do, but there are some obvious thing they could improve like many Amel owners already did themselves.


Arno Luijten
SV Luna,

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