Re: Best location for solar panels

Diego de Miguel (Sailing Living Lab) Amel Sharki

Hi Alin,
At present I am studying how to adapt SolarFace by Tecnalia in my Sharki, Acrobat II, 
I did it in my Acrobat I (Sigma 38 OOD) before, and these protypes have been working perfectly since I installed them in 2016.
Yo can see both boats in this video (sorry, not availabe subtitles in English)
I sent an e-mail to Amel to propose a collaboration with Tecnalia, months ago. Unfortunately they did not reply to me :-(
This tech allows to integrate solar cells into composite materials, so we can build parts fot our boats with the solar cells embebed into them. We can also manufacture flat parts adapted to the shape or the deck, as we did in Acrobat I.
Also we could design and build a beautiful and stylized solar arch.
There are a lot of posibilities!
But Tecnalia needs the molds in order to manufacture the proyotypes and the collaborartion of a manufacturer for serial production (Tecnalia is a Technological Center, not a factory)
I am thinking (this is 100& brain storming) about to talk about this with all the members of this gropup. If there are more owners interested maybe we could rent the molds to Amel and manufacture the parts in San Sebastian (Spain), This is just an idea.
Best Regards,

Diego de Miguel
Sailing Liivng Lab
Sharki-52, Acrobat II

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