Re: Best location for solar panels

Stefan Jeukendrup

Hi Alin,

See enclosed pdf with pictures : 4 Suntech STP190 1580 × 808 × 35mm  72 cell panels above the cockpit, 2 series 2 parallel.
The challenges:
* Max. regulated output is 10A at 24V: not enough when sailing 24/7 but works for anchor with just 1 fridge switched on. 
* these panels are not made for sea conditions: the plastic on the back side is penetrated by sea water causing cell failure
* these panels have no bypass diodes/half cut cells so even a tiny bit of shade on the panels causes 50% power loss or more ( mast, boom, sails, even lines).
* 2 cells of 2 panels in  different  chains burned out, the heat cracked the glass:
  - could be salt on the back of the panel causing short circuit
  - could be just the shading : a single shaded  cell becomes very hot and could deform the backing plastic:  a shaded cell has high resistance and it see a large voltage drop with 144 cells) So 4 panels in parallel= better
Hope this helps you,

Stefan Jeukendup
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