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Can't claim that it's the best, but this setup works very well for us. See attached. 

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Hi Alin,


This might be useful:


Delos is testing new panels on their top to compare to their arch mounted. They’re mounting flexible panels in “pockets” they’re sewing into the top. They even show the sewing part.



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Hi guys.
I know this subject must have been discussed before, I do not mind if you point me out to the right direction.
Anyway, I am seriously thinking solar panels for my Super Maramu.
The goal is to be able to at least run the fridges and sails and to minimize the use of the generator but I do not want to have an arch and do not one have Wanderer looking like a Xmas tree. I guess a little guidance to a minimum of power I should consider would be great
I really love the shape of my boat and the uncluttered and uncrowded lines.
My ideal of solar panels location would be on top of dog house or/and on the deck just in front of the windscreen. 
The question is, how much watts can I fit onto that area and how bad would be the shading from the boom. If someone has the time to send me some pictures of their setup, I would be most grateful.
Thank you.
Alin SV Wanderer

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