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hanspeter baettig

Thanks Arno

Iā€˜m on ancor in the lagoon, Nettle Bay. I know Ile Marine very good . Florian the shop manager is a friend of me and he likes very much my swiss chess fondue šŸ˜…
I shall pass by you to say hello in the next days when I go shopping at Super U in Marigot

Tamango 2
SN 16
St. Martin
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Am Donnerstag, 23. Apr, 2020 um 16:29, Arno Luijten schrieb:

Hi Hanspeter,

I'm quite close to you, in the Fort Louis Marina. Be advised you are not allowed to go to the Dutch side. Yesterday they even had an incident with someone trying to cross the border. Not the best way to make the local newspaper...

Also be advised that Ile Marine on the French side is the "official" Desalator dealer for St. Martin/St. MAarten. Electec does have spare membranes in stock most of the time, but no other parts that suit Desalator. Ile marine does carry some parts for Desalator but not all.

Ile Marine is at the Sandy Grounds Bridge behind the fuel-dock.


Arno Luijten
SV Luna,

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